Our Vision

To accelerate our minds to a level that understands and embraces the idea that we, as a community, must no longer accept the ways of our past; but, strategically align ourselves in a position that will allow us to properly acquire, preserve, and dispose of real estate according to our overall objectives.

Our Mission

To make our ppREp™ Program available to all individuals as an educational and enhancement tool for increasing awareness of the importance of preserving our real estate for future generations.  


Alethea F. Nobles, ppREp™ Founder

Real Estate Transaction Analyst

"The protection of our real estate data is an important key to the preservation of ownership interest and real estate values."

"Value goes beyond the structure."


What Is ppREp™?

The P reparatory P rocess for R eal E state P reservation Program consists of the following:

Real Estate Transaction Cycle™

Real Estate Document Preservation

4-Series Guest Speaker Forums

Youth ppREp™ Club

Strategic Alliances


ppREp™ Services

DataKey By Alethea understands how valuable your time is. That is why we offer the following 'back-office' support services that can be used to assist with the less complex, 'day-to-day' administrative tasks and compliance requirements:

  • Real Estate Attorney & Title Company
  • Real Estate Surveyor
  • Real Estate Broker & Salesperson (Agent)
  • Real Estate Appraiser
  • Real Estate Property Manager
  • Real Estate Transaction Cycle™
  • Real Estate Document Preservation - Coming Soon!
  • ppREp™ Reorganizing

DataKey By Alethea

Alethea F. Nobles

Real Estate Transaction Analyst


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(804) 451-1594 Fax

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